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  • Foster Preferences

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  • Your Home

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  • Your Family and Pets

  • How many people live here? If you have children, what are their ages? If you have other pets, what type and size are they? Do you have any health conditions that may be worsened by caring for a dog in your home?
  • If you have other pets in your home, are they all up-to-date on their vaccinations and preventatives?

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  • Veterinarian Information

  • We request that you complete this section if you have had a pet in your home in the last 5 years (even if that pet is no longer living). We contact all vet references to verify routine vaccinations. If your vet requires your approval to release vetting information to us, please provide authorization to your vet in conjunction with submitting a foster application.

  • Conditions

  • I certify the information submitted is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and provide my permission for this information to be verified. I understand Imagine FURever Ranch has the right to deny any application. I acknowledge that, upon completion and approval of the application process, and upon delivery of the foster animal, Imagine FURever Ranch retains ownership of the animal and I am acting as the Foster Caregiver until approved adoption has been secured for the animal (of which I may apply to adopt the animal).
  • Agreement and Release

  • I am requesting to serve as a foster volunteer position within Imagine FURever Ranch. I agree to read and follow the rules and guidelines of the organization. I agree to not hold any director, employee, board member, or any individual personally or otherwise responsible in the event that I sustain personal, financial, emotional, or property loss/damage while serving the organization. I agree to follow the supervision of all persons involved in volunteer management. I understand that as a foster volunteer I am an important representative of Imagine FURever Ranch, and I must do my best to represent Imagine FURever Ranch in a manner that is consistent with its articles, by-laws, guidelines, and philosophies. Further, I understand that if I respond to a situation alone regarding an animal in need and take in an animal without the permission of the Foster Coordinator or Director, Imagine FURever Ranch will not guarantee placement of the animal in their program, and I will be liable for its care and placement.
    I have read and understand the above release, and I agree to adhere to its entirety.

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