Volunteer Orientation Video

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Imagine FURever Ranch
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Orientation Check-In

After you've watched the orientation video, please fill out this form. Our volunteer mentor team will be alerted that you are ready to get started!

    Thank you so much for always using the Barking Lot or marked spaces on the east side of the drive. Please avoid parking in the no-parking areas, and thank you for not blocking the drive at any time (even when you will be there "just for a few minutes"). HOWEVER... we do offer loading spots at the front that are reserved for drop-offs & for people with disabilities.
    It's best to leave items in your car or at home. Also, dogs sometimes have food aggression, so we don't allow people food or even dog treats in the dog pens. However, if you take a dog on a walk solo, feel free to take treats with you!
    Thank you for helping us learn your name and insure we account for you in the event of an emergency! The sign-in sheet is found just inside the door of Lucy's Lodge.
    Remember not all rescue dogs are familiar with a doggie door, and sometimes they are too small or too big to use them. Additionally, because our heating & cooling costs are high, please keep the people doors closed while the dogs go outside.
    The communication board will alert you to any special considerations for feeding. Rest easy... your mentor will walk you through this the first time.
    ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! We want you to feel comfortable and at home. Nothing is off limits, and we are happy to help you if you have questions.
    ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! This mission needs YOU! Do you have talents & gifts to share? Do you see places where improvements can be made or things that are missing? PLEASE let a leadership team member know so we can keep learning & getting better!
    At Imagine FURever Ranch, we know there will be times we don't understand each other, times we miscommunicate, and times we disagree. But that's okay! We can still be a loving & supportive Christian Community if we stay committed to our culture & our Missions.
    Even after your time with a mentor at the Ranch, there will frequently be updates or necessary changes to the guidelines for Volunteers. We post signs and maintain a live updates document called PUPdates to keep everyone informed and as safe as possible.
  • By signing here, you certify that you've watched the orientation video and are familiar with the basic information covered in this form questionnaire. Thank you for your willingness to serve on our team!